Wellabee works.
Well-being perks don't.

Wellabee is a science-based platform that gives you the most undiscovered employee insights so you can prevent burnout, disengagement and turnover.

Join the front runners building workplaces that people love

Get undiscovered insights about employee well-being.

With 60+ specific well-being sub-dimensions, well-being at work is not a mystery anymore.

Through our effective methodology we are able to pinpoint exactly to the factors that might be putting each employee at a risk for a burnout or disengagement.

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Access a library of proven interventions and take action.

Gaining insights is only half the picture. Taking action on those insights makes the whole difference.

Immediately address early signs of burnout & disengagement using our tailor made library of 217 conversational questions and 162 (and counting) scientifically validated interventions.

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Turn managers into world-class people leaders.

For too long, managers have been left in the dark and lack support to manage their people.

With Wellabee, managers understand their people's real concerns and can address them during one-on-ones. Making employees feel continuously heard, supported and more open to share.

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Enjoy a happier, more productive workforce!

Companies who proactively manage workplace stress, listen to their employees and address their concerns, see measurable improvements in critical people metrics.

40% lower turnover rate

31% more productivity

55% lowered stress levels

3x faster profit growth

Enjoy a happier, more productive workforce!

Companies who proactively manage workplace stress, listen to their employees and address their concerns, see measurable improvements in critical people metrics.


40% lower turnover rate


31% more productive


55% lowered stress levels


3x faster profit growth

All in good hands!

We leverage the latest findings from 300+ ground breaking workplace psychology & management research, helping you to understand what factors, causes, and processes are behind your people’s mental well-being.

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Why you should act now?

Finding and managing stressors early on can be the key to preventing burnout.

Prevent Burnout

Burnout is real, and it costs your company money. The problem is not unique, with nearly 86% of employees experiencing burnout symptoms in their workplace.

Harvard Business Review estimates that the annual healthcare spending due to workplace burnout is anywhere from €125 billion to €190 billion.

Reduce Disengagement

Gallup also found burned-out employees cost €3,400 out of every €10,000 in salary because of reduced productivity, disengagement or sick leave.

Missed deadlines, poor sales results and increased customer complaints are common characteristics of disengaged employees.

Lower Turnover

In addition, burnout is responsible for 20% - 50% of annual workforce turnover. It’s estimated that losing an employee can cost a company 1.5-2x the employee’s salary.

These costs include hiring, onboarding, training, ramp time to peak productivity, the loss of engagement from others due to high turnover, higher business error rates, and general culture impacts.

Marloes van Overhagen, Head of HR
“I was checking my team’s Wellabee profiles and I noticed that Workload and Job Strain were quite high for some of my team members and myself! Those insights were very helpful at that time to tackle the issues earlier. Otherwise, I would have recognized it at a later stage when it was becoming a real big problem.”
Marloes van Overhagen, Head of HR

Is Wellabee right for you?

Be it for yourself, your team or your organization, we give you the right insights and tools to improve mental well-being from any level.


Get insights on your stressors at work & learn how to overcome them.

Young Managers

Start off on the right foot and rely on proven and effective people management practices.

Senior Managers

Intervene when it's needed and boost your team’s well-being and performance week after week.

HR & C-Levels

Create the conditions needed for effective management at all levels of the company & enjoy an engaged & happy workforce.

"Wellabee has supported my regular interactions with the team, supporting our regular 1-1 catch ups with objective data. It has helped me understand the severity of issues better and recognise emerging issues before the team was even aware of these themselves."
Jeroen Entjes, Data Engineering Team Lead