Prevent burnout with better 1:1 meetings.

Ensure meaningful, regular communication between managers and their team members, driven by employee well-being insights.

Join the front runners building workplaces that people love

No more status updates or bland conversations.

Let go of standard 1:1 templates. The problem with standards templates is that they’re just that: standard.

Make 1:1 meetings more collaborative.

With collaboration at its core, ensure productive, regular communication between managers and team members.

Both the parties can set their talking points, wrap up with shared and private notes, and have the history of all their 1:1s in their fingertips, at all times.

Employee well-being insights drive the conversations.

Bridge the gap between employee mental well-being insights and 1:1 conversations. Empower managers to discuss the things that matter the most to each employee and address early signs of burnout & disengagement.

With a wide library of 217 one-on-one questions, specific to each well-being dimension, managers and their team members will never be left in the dark anymore.

Facilitate a stronger manager-employee relationship.

Unlock the secrets of becoming a people expert. Build a psychologically safe culture and leverage the potential of continuous one-on-one communication.

With multitude of conversational topics specifically designed to address concerns of each employee, provide immediate and precise support to your team, week over week.

"Wellabee has supported my regular interactions with the team, supporting our regular 1-1 catch ups with objective data. It has helped me understand the severity of issues better and recognise emerging issues before the team was even aware of these themselves."
Jeroen Entjes, Data Engineering Team Lead