The science and standards behind Wellabee.

Our mission is to provide every employee, manager and executive with highly accurate insights into mental well-being at work. We achieve this by taking a deeply scientific, multi-layered approach that ensures the factors that we measure are always valid, reliable, and fair.

Breaking down mental wellbeing at work.

Developed in collaboration with top psychologists and people leaders from successful companies, our team of experts immerse themselves in organisational literature to construct the best well-being platform in the market.

With 60+ sub dimensions of well-being, complied from over 300 scientific research papers, you can get a clear indication of how your people are experiencing their work.

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Created and validated by experts.

Our advanced analysis methods take multiple norms of psychometrics into consideration.

We make sure that all our questions have an acceptable criterion validity so that you can rely on us without any hesitation.

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Reliable and backed by science.

Our work doesn’t stop there. We use metrics like Chronbatch’s alpha to measure the internal consistency of each survey.

Further, our extensive question bank allows us to rotate the questions each week. This approach eliminates the practice and fatigue effect further making the results stronger. 

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Personalized for every employee.

Our evidence-based assessment enables employees to have a more informed self-reflection and gain awareness about their drivers and misalignments in the workplace. Pathing the way to a much more accurate mental well-being assessment.

Every week we collect data through 2-mins pusle surveys, depending on the employees' preferences. Then we present a trend of multiple well-being and work engagement factors.

Science, check!

Now let's see how all of this is tranlated into practical insights, at the fingertips of every employee in your organisation.

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