The best way to manage burnout is to prevent it.

Give your people the space to reflect on how are they feeling about work, so you can offer the support that will really help them thrive.

Join the front runners building workplaces that people love

To improve well-being you need data you can trust.

We have designed the most effective methodology to help you find the early indicators of employee burnout & disengagement.

Understand your people better.

Wellabee is the only platform in the market built with personalization in it's core. We believe every employee is unique, and as such, is driven by different factors at work.

Our evidence-based assessment enables employees to have a more informed self-reflection and gain awareness about their drivers and misalignments in the workplace, pathing the way to a much more accurate mental well-being assessment.

In-depth mental well-being insights.

Built for employees, not only employers. Each employee gets invaluable in-depth insights into their own mental well-being at work, their burnout risk, it's causes and trends over time.

Every week we collect data through rotating questions via weekly 2-min Pulse Check-ins and then present trends to employees about their burnout risk and engagement levels.

Dig deeper and understand what's affecting well-being.

With 60+ well-being sub-dimensions, well-being at work is not a mystery anymore. Through our effective methodology we are able to pinpoint exactly to the factors that might be putting each employee at a risk for a burnout or disengagement.

Each question in the Pulse Check-ins is connected with a unique well-being dimension.

Marloes van Overhagen, Head of HR
“I was checking my team’s Wellabee profiles and I noticed that Workload and Job Strain were quite high for some of my team members and myself! Those insights were very helpful at that time to tackle the issues earlier. Otherwise, I would have recognized it at a later stage when it was becoming a real big problem.”
Marloes van Overhagen, Head of HR

Gaining insights is only half the picture.

Now that you've seen how we collect insights, how about we show you how Wellabee helps you bring those insights into meangingful 1:1 conversations?

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